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There's so much we experience in our lives that help guide the monument design process. There are the big moments that shape us—graduation, a first job, falling in love and getting married, having children, seeing children grow into adulthood. When we reflect on our lives, it's these memories and milestones that may come to mind first. At Dio+Co., we care about our clients and pride ourselves in helping them leave behind a symbol of their legacy and that of their entire family.

Our Journey

  • Apr 13, 2021

    The Beginning

    The company was founded by Michael Dioguardi, a stone craftsman from Italy who immigrated to Rochester, Pennsylvania in 1930 and started his own monument firm four years later: Rome Monument. Rome Monument has now grown to be the parent-company of Dio + Co.


  • Apr 13, 2021

    Starting the Company

    Michael Dioguardi worked as a memorial carver for the well-respected Pittsburgh, PA monument company, Campbell-Horigan, After his stay with Campbell-Horigan, Michael was employed by Marshall’s Monument Company located in Rochester, Pennsylvania. In 1934, Michael decided to venture out on his own and open his own monument firm in Rochester, PA, just two blocks down from his former employer, Marshall’s Monument Company. The company he built has been helping families since 1958.


  • Apr 13, 2021

    Tuskegee Airmen Monument

    In 2013, Rome Monument (Dio + Co's parent company) was proud to coordinate the design, placement, and engraving of the Tuskegee Airmen Monument located in the Sewickley Cemetery in Pennsylvania. The Tuskegee Airmen Memorial is the largest outdoor memorial in the country, honoring the first African-American military pilots and support staff who were members of the 332nd Fighter Group, nicknamed the “Red Tails.” Almost 100 members of the World War II unit were from Western Pennsylvania, and their names are carved on two of the four granite monuments that make up the memorial. The other two monuments contain the history of the elite military group and a 10-foot-high piece that features an airplane tail sculpted from red granite, representing the origin of the unit’s nickname.


  • Apr 13, 2021

    Giving Back

    We value the importance of giving back to local communities. In 2015, we volunteered our services to help clean 200 headstones that were defaced with red paint in Riverview Cemetery in Kiski Township. A local newspaper published a story titled "'Miracle' product undoes grave marker damage in Riverview Cemetery." "Before we came in, we weren't sure it was going to work,” said John Dioguardi, retired owner of the parent company, Rome Monument. “Everything we have ever used never worked this well...it's a miracle.”


  • Apr 13, 2021


    In 2016, we continued to expand our operations and open new showrooms. Generations of families return time and time again to commission our company to design luxury monuments, memorials, gravestones and grave markers to commemorate their relatives and loved ones. We are a fourth-generation company creating personalized memorials and gravestones for families nationwide.  The current owners are Vince and Christy Dioguardi and Diane and William Hapach Jr., all of whom take a hands-on approach to running their business and who are leaders in the cemetery monument and memorial industry.

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What our clients are saying

Lyn Creasman

We want to thank you for your expertise and kindness during such a difficult time. 

Nancy and Ray Garcia

Thank you for all your kindness and the time you gave us in selecting our stone.

Betty DeLacio

I want to again thank you and your staff for your concern and help. The final product is exactly what I had in mind.

The Schick Family

Thank you so much for your efficient and quality work…The stone and work are beautiful.

Beth and Tim Scott

It is people like you…that restore faith in the ever changing world. You prove that human nature is not always negative and compassion is alive and well. 

Sally Herrup

Thank you so much for your help, guidance and patience in the process of choosing a stone. 

Cyndi Aravjo

I wanted to thank you for the most beautiful stone for my boys Duke and Dylan! Thank you for giving me your heart and your time! 

Donald Bobincheck

The monument is exactly what we wanted – Mom is very happy with it. You did a great job. 

Donna, Sara, Eric, Cory

Thank you for your support and guidance. The monument is beautiful. It makes my time there a little more peaceful. 

Sue Bradford

I just wanted to tell you how beautiful my mom's headstone is.  I know she would have loved it.  It turned out exactly like I wanted it to.  The staff was so nice and understanding to our needs.

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