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We Design and Create Personalized Monuments, Memorials And Mausoleums

Visit a cemetery and you’ll immediately notice that many monuments and headstones look surprisingly alike. That’s because they are! Most monument companies, cemeteries and funeral homes sell you stock monuments out of a catalog. You can mix and match certain design elements, but you can’t really create a truly personalized monument.

This is where we can help! Dio + Co. offers complete customization and personalization on our products.


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Portfolio Categories
  • All
  • Chapel Walk-in Mausoleums
  • Classically Styled Walk-in Mausoleums
  • Double Crypt
  • Garden/Outdoor or Sepulcher Mausoleums
  • Memorial Statues
  • Natural Boulder Shaped Monuments
  • Private Family Multi Crypt Mausoleum
  • Private Family Multi Crypt Walk-In/Estate Walk-In
  • Sculpted Headstones & Monuments
  • Single Crypt
  • Upright Headstones & Monuments
  • Vestibule Mausoleums
  • Westminster Family Crypts

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