Chapel Walk-In Mausoleums

Chapel mausoleums replicate the shape of a chapel and sometimes contain an actual chapel room. Some or all of the crypts are inside the building, with an entrance and space for visitors indoors. The building might consist of two garden-type mausoleums with a roof connecting the two. If the building is not enclosed, it is called an ‘Open Chapel’ mausoleum. The protected interior allows for art, artifacts and personal family treasures to be displayed and enjoyed by family members.

Large family outdoor mausoleum

There's so much we experience in our lives that help guide the monument design process. There are the big moments that shape us—graduation, a first job, falling in love and getting married, having children, seeing children grow into adulthood. When we reflect on our lives, it's these memories and milestones that may come to mind first. At Dio+Co., we care about our clients and pride ourselves in helping them leave behind a symbol of their legacy and that of their entire family.

Quality design and construction

Chapel walk-in mausoleums can start at $180,000. The 9-crypt chapel mausoleum displayed in these images was designed by Vince Dioguardi, Dio + Co.'s owner and president.

Additionally, Dio + Co. can also design and construct nine crypt family mausoleums without vestibules and doors with prices starting at $80,000.

Chapel mausoleums are mostly constructed using high-quality granite due to the granite's strength and longevity. The interior is designed to accommodate visiting family and friends. Alters can be included inside the walk-in mausoleum.

Our standards are unmatched in our superior design and construction. Our mausoleum construction process is rigorous and meticulous and all of our mausoleums are built to last the test time.

Quality construction makes all of the difference. We build:

  • a strong foundation,
  • durable base course,
  • sturdy side walls,
  • well-made roof, and
  • high-quality joints.
Chapel Walk-in Mausoleum
chapel walkin mausoleum door
chapel walkin maus side view

Ordering a custom Chapel Mausoleum

At Dio + Co., we are master designers and sculptors. We are happy to explain the ordering process, pricing, customization options, quality construction standards, shipping and installation. Request an estimate for a chapel walk-in mausoleum to learn more information! Want to chat now, call us: (878)-201-3578.

This video was created by Rome Monument, our parent company. See how our mausoleums are beautifully built to last the test of time.

Mausoleum Design Approval

Our master designers prepare hand drawings and/or CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings for our customers to approve prior to construction. In doing so, we ensure the mausoleum design represents your vision along with the correct spelling of the name(s), accurate birth date(s) and death date(s), design artwork, inscriptions and other additional adornments. Once approved, the construction can begin.

We go above and beyond

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Include your passion, hobby, faith, or interest

What is truly unique and special about you or your loved one? Dio + Co. can design a luxury, custom chapel walk-in mausoleum to include your interests, hobbies, and passions.

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