Garden/Outdoor or Sepulcher Mausoleums

At Dio + Co., we design custom outdoor garden mausoleums. Also known as sepulcher mausoleums, these mausoleums house the crypts outside of the structure. Garden/outdoor or sepulcher mausoleums are open-air structures without a defined walk-in interior or entrance doors. Our custom-designed outdoor garden mausoleums are constructed above-ground and are built with high-quality granite, bronze, precast products, and marble.

We design, build and install garden mausoleums for families and individuals. We create outdoor crypt complexes and community mausoleums for memorial parks and cemeteries.

Large, custom garden multi-crypt mausoleum with family name

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There's so much we experience in our lives that can help guide the mausoleum design process. There are so many moments in life that can shape us—graduation, a first job, having children, falling in love and getting married, and seeing children grow into adulthood. When we reflect on our lives, it's memories and milestones like these that may come to mind first. At Dio+Co., we care about our clients and pride ourselves in helping them leave behind a symbol of their legacy and that of their entire family.

Quality Materials

Garden/outdoor or sepulcher mausoleums start at $200,000. These outdoor structures can hold caskets, coffins, and cremation urns.

Most often, outdoor mausoleums are constructed using any of the following high-quality materials:

  • Granite
  • Bronze
  • Precast products
  • Marble
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Quality construction

Our standards are unmatched in our superior construction and design. We have a very meticulous and rigorous mausoleum construction process. Each and every one of our mausoleums are built to last the test time.

Our quality construction makes all of the difference. We build:

  • a strong foundation,
  • durable base course,
  • sturdy side walls,
  • well-made roof, and
  • high-quality joints.
Sepulcher Mausoleum
9-crypt mausoleum
chapel walkin maus side view

Ordering a custom Garden Mausoleum

We have master sculptors and designers at Dio + Co. Our experts are happy to explain our ordering process, pricing, quality construction standards, customization options, and shipping and installation. Request an estimate for a custom garden mausoleum for more information! If you'd prefer to chat with us right now, give us a call at (878)-201-3578.

YouTube video

Rome Monument, our parent company, created this video so you can understand how our mausoleums are built to look beautiful and last the test of time.

Mausoleum Design Approval

Our master designers utilize CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings or prepare hand drawings for our clients to approve before construction may begin. This process ensures the design of a mausoleum represents your vision. It also ensures that small details, such as the spelling of names, birth dates, inscriptions, etc, are all correct. Once you approve the design, the construction can begin.

We go above and beyond

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Include your hobby, passion, interest, or faith

What is truly special or unique about you or your loved one? Dio + Co. can design a luxury, custom garden/outdoor or sepulcher mausoleum that highlights your hobbies, interests, and passions.

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